Reliving moments that matter

Cookie Jar, your collaborative memory jar.

Remember when...

When we are experiencing a moment, everything seems so vivid. It feels as though we could always go back in time, and relive it. But it doesn’t take long until the sharpness of the memory gets lost ... 

You remember the essence, but can you remember all the details? 

With Cookie Jar, you will. 

Reliving moments will be easy, fun, real.

You will have a memory jar of your life - 

in form of a digital journal. 


A unique digital journal

Throughout one's life, there are so many precious moments that shape who we are. We call them: moments that matter. Reliving these moments is something incredibly powerful - and beautiful! 

At Cookie Jar, we want to embrace these precious moments, and make it possible for you to effortlessly store them, privately share them, and truthfully relive them later on.


So that's exactly what we created! Cookie Jar is a digital journal that works like a scrapbook for all your memories. It's your memory jar! Unlike other analog or digital journal options, with Cookie Jar you can capture written thoughts, music, voice recordings, your favorite photos and videos, and ...

people you have shared the moment with, so they can co-create the moment with you!

"Reliving means experiencing again, as an emotion"

Cookie Jar

moments that matter