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Community Guidelines

Cookie Jar
Community Guidelines

Cookie Jar enables users to collaboratively create, organize and relive their favorite moments in a safe enviroment. We want users to be immersed and be transported back into the memories that are truly special - making them feel whole, excited, and happy about their lives. That being said, we cannot expect all generated content to be genuine – which is why our community guidelines outline what we do and don’t allow at Cookie Jar. If you come across any of these cases while using our platform, please report it to us. The integrity and safety of the cookie crew means a lot to us.

A quick summary for those who don't like to read...


  • Welcome your friends to Cookie Jar! If you've invited someone to the app, make sure to interact with them and share moments :)

  • Be yourself, and your own boss. It is your life, so create moments with purpose, creativity, inspiration, and joy. Remember that there is noone you need to impress, but yourself! Enjoy it.

  • Respect that there can be different perspectives on the same moment. We all experience things in our own way, and being able to combine these points of view is what makes Cookie Jar so unique!

  • Create with meaning. Don't just add for adding, but rather reflect on the purpose of the memory. What details of this moment make it worth remembering?

  • Differentiate between personal and group memory. Surely, there are a lot of moments you'd like to share with everyone - as you are used to do on your standard social media platforms. But Cookie Jar is different. If there is a moment that only involves you and only is important for you, keep it this way 

  • Collaborate. When your friends share moments with you, make an effort to contribute to them and add your own touch of colour to the final piece of art!

  • Use common sense and lead by example. If you think you should't do something, then don't do it. Use the community guidelines and talk to us if you see something wrong.


  • Offend anyone. Regardless of the relationship you may or may not have outside of CookieJar with your friends, this is not a space for you to discriminate, defame, harass, flame or hold grudges against anyone. Remember: only positive vibes!

  • Be a know-it-all. The fact that you were part of a moment, doesn't mean you should know everyones point of view of it. Allow others to contribute their part!

  • Use CookieJar to promote yourself or your business. There are plenty of other platforms to do so... but Cookie Jar is really not the place :D

  • Use the app as your secret "illegal memory space". If you do anything illegal in your life, mind your own business, but don't upload it, promote it, or share it via Cookie Jar. We don't want to have anything to do with it!

  • Keep a nudity or sexual jar on Cookie Jar. Material which would be restricted or considered 'adult' (such as pornography or relating to sexual or graphic violence) isn't welcome.

  • Be a troll. Personal details and private information about yourself or any other person shoudl be kept private. Impersonate another person is also not allowed.

If you like to read, here is some more technical info for you...

Haters out.

CookieJar is a platform based on positive psychology and we have no tolerance for hate speech or any content based on hateful behavior! Don't attack, threaten, incite violence, or dehumanize an individual or group. Let's make it easy for you: if you're a hater, you're out.

Discrimination is a no-go.

CookieJar values connection over everything, and at the bottom of connection there is equality. We are all humans - we are all equal - so we do not accept any sort of discrimination regarding race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, disease, disability or immigration status. We're in the 21st century, so behave appropiately.

Respect always comes first

If you don't respect others, then there is no place for you in thic community. Abusive, harassing, defamatory, pornographic, threatening, condescending, obscene, or otherwise offensive content will be reason for expulsion.

Privacy is queen

Cookie Jar has clear boundries when it comes to its ecosystem: it is intended to be a private platform in which users cannot publicly post their content to strangers. Please take this attribute seariously and don't be involved in unsolicited "spamming", usage of Cookie Jar for commercial activities, such as advertising, contests, or pyramid schemes; link or reference to commercial products or services; promoting illegal acts of any kind, including misinformation, frauds, scams, violations of intellectual, property, or privacy rights; usage of personal data for impersonation; distribution of malicious content. Similarly, take your privacy seriously and don't give away your password, or post information such as personal identification number, social security number, or credit card information.

Criminal activities

We remove content that promotes or enables criminal activities, such as theft, assault, human exploitation, counterfeiting, or other harmful behaviors. We also don't allow the use of firearms, ammunition, and explosive weapons; or the promotion, or trade of drugs and other substances.


Bullying and abusive behavior.

We believe in an inclusive community and individualized expression without fear of abuse. We do not tolerate members of our community being shamed, bullied, or harassed. Abusive content or behavior can cause severe psychological distress and will be removed from our platform.

Adult nudity and sexual activities

We strive to create a platform that feels welcoming and safe. We do not allow nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content on our platform. We also prohibit content depicting or supporting non-consensual sexual acts, the sharing of non-consensual intimate imagery, sexual solicitation, sexual exploitation or sexual harassment.

Minor safety

We are deeply committed to ensuring the safety of minors on our platform. We do not tolerate activities that perpetuate the abuse, harm, endangerment, or exploitation of minors on Cookie Jar - with special focus on sexual exploitation of minors, nudity and sexual activity involving minors, and physical and psychological harm of minors. Users must meet the minimum age requirements to use Cookie Jar.


Here is some more important stuff you need to know...

  • You are responsible for your interactions with other users. We reserve the right, but have no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other users. We are all adults here!

  • Content posted on Cookie Jar reflects the opinions and experience of users, not Cookie Jar.

  • We prohibit any activities that undermine the security and reliability of Cookie Jar's service.

Contacting us

You can email with feedback, questions or issues about our community guidelines. If you have guidebook feedback, or a suggestion - we are always happy to hear about it and improve our platform! :)

We reserve the right to remove posts that contain any of the above mentioned gudielines, and delete multiple accounts from the same user if the user has infringed our terms of use.

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful community and working with us to maintain a welcoming space for everyone. Copyright © 2021 CookieJar Inc. All rights reserved.

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