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Journal now,

relive later.

It has never been easier to collect meaningful memories than it is with the Cookie Jar app.


"The best app for personal and shared memories" 

It's simple: Cookie Jar has 5 main ingredients to capture a Moment - journal, music, voice memos, photos and videos, and friends. Add your Moment to a playlist, also called a Jar, and find it easily later. This way you can relive your memories whenever you want and even shuffle through them if you want to surprise yourself with your own life!

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How it works

You can capture or upload photos and videos, attach music from Spotify or Apple Music, add your own voice memos, and write a journal entry. If you shared the moment with other people, you can invite them to the Cookie, giving them permission to add their own media to your photo journal. This way, you can collaboratively create together. 


Unlike other apps, each user can only add a certain number of media to a Cookie. This ensures that the memory stays unique and meaningful, instead of oversaturated with irrelevant content. Believe us, nobody needs 50 shots of the same group photo. 

Are you ready to start creating memories?

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