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Hans Brunk

Lis Kanzler

Jon Schröder

Hi! We are Hans, Lis, and Jon: founders and raving fans of Cookie Jar. If you haven't noticed from our little introduction snippets: we're all about living a good life and spreading positive vibes. We are excited to welcome you to the Cookie Crew!



The whole reason why we started Cookie Jar is to create a better world. Sounds cliché, we know. 


But it's true! Our vision is to create a platform in which people connect to their memories in a deeper, more meaningful way.  A place that embraces reflection, presence and gratitude. A world full of positive vibes.


We hope that Cookie Jar will be a tool for many of us to incorporate these powerful habits into our lives - moment by moment; memory by memory.


Positive memories create positive vibes. We live by this!

Cookie Jar storytelling time 

Believe it or not, we founded Cookie Jar without ever meeting! In fact, Hans was the only one who had previously met the other three. Continents apart, we scheduled our first remote meeting to start building the Cookie Jar app. It went something like this:

“Hi strangers! Get to know each other quickly because it’s time to create something amazing together and spread positive vibes! "

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