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Welcome to the Cookie Crew

What exactly is Cookie Jar?

A social media platform? An app? A digital journal? We are actually all of it, combined! Cookie Jar stands for something real and personal - it's mindful media.

We have build a unique collaborative platform that encourages people to capture meaningful moments in a completely new way: privately, together. 

Moments that matter with people that matter - that is what Cookie Jar is all about. We want to veer away from curated feeds and staged photos, and move towards a more mindful way of sharing.


Do you want to help us create a change?


Camping Site

Be part of the movement.

To create a real change and reinvent the way we use Social Media we need to inspire each other. 


And that starts with your own stories. 

Share with us some of your most raw and authentic memories to help this movement grow! It could be anything: from funny videos with friends, to photos of your travels or even songs that make you smile :)


We'll make sure to repost your memories, and inspire the world to appreciate life for the raw and imperfect moments, and not for the "likes" a photo can get. 

Make your favorite moments #momentsthatmatter.

Where Social Media meets reality. 

Become part of the Cookie Jar community and listen to our jamz!

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