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The power of moments

Have you ever heard of the cookie jar concept? Well, that is how it all began.

The cookie jar concept is a technique based on positive psychology that uses past achievements and moments of joy, to motivate and stimulate your brain. Whenever you are having a meaningful experience such as a victory, a special encounter, or a moment of self-reflection, you are asked to write this memory down on paper and put it inside a physical jar. And then, the power of moments starts. 

How the power

              of moments works 

Whenever you are confronted with a difficult situation or find yourself longing for a positive reminder of life, you can read these valuable notes, and fill your heart with gratefulness and strength.


This is how the power of moments, as well as the power of positivity works: positive memories encouarge positive thoughts, which result in positive emotions. That is what is commonly known as positive psychology. 


Now, thanks to Cookie Jar, you can have it all inside your phone, as a portable app, with endless possibilities for mixed-media and co-creation.

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