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The travel companion for adventure seekers


With Cookie Jar you can hold onto your precious travel memories while you venture through unknown places and meet new people - and what better way to link with these newly found companions than through your global travel diary!

Transport yourself back to those faraway places through your photos and videos and remember how you felt by listening to your own voice notes, all in one place.


A Cookie Jar full of positivity and good vibes

Document and store every beautiful memory and daily positive thoughts. Think of Cookie Jar as your all-in-one positivity app. Because only YOU, and your moments can make you happy!


As you swipe through your Cookie Jar moments you’ll be surprised at how good those good times really were... it all starts and ends with positivity!


A Cookie Jar full of positivity and good vibes

Remember the essence of every moment 


Never forget even the small moments - that loving look from your partner or the gentle smile from your friend. Because the “little” things... they aren’t so little!


Preserve the feeling from that road trip or festival and the music you listened to, or record your family milestones. The possibilities are endless - and so are the opportunities to make memories!

shared moments

A journaling app for mindful memory-makers

Personal reflection should be portable, after all - so are you!


Store your most raw, meaningful and intimate memories and learn to practice gratitude by creating Cookies of your daily life.


Swipe up and remember the feeling of being present in your daily interactions - no matter where you find yourself.

self discovery.png

Look back on your memories and see how much you’ve grown. Self-reflection leads to self-awareness, making your personal growth that much easier.


You might be going places in life - but your memories don’t have to! Because with Cookie Jar your memories will always be there, ready to be reminisced on and learned from. 

Cookie Jar as a tool of self-discovery

self discovery
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