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Private, collaborative media.

The Problem:

your most precious moments aren't made for social media. 


Social media. It's a busy word, one that gives rise to all these other words - likes, followers, views . But... do you really think that your favorite moments should be measured? And, despite the likes, do you still feel like you're broadcasting to the world with no real connection? No intimacy?


For a platform that's supposed to be social, social media can feel very impersonal and distant. 

At Cookie Jar, we are advocating for something new. Something real and personal. 

Algorithms and likes shouldn’t validate our most meaningful moments. We want to steer away from curated feeds and staged photos — and move towards a more mindful, personal, and genuine way to share our memories with our loved ones.


The Solution: 

Private, collaborative media.

Imagine a private, collaborative platform where you could collect bits and pieces of your most precious moments. Imagine if these could even be built together, stored, and shared with the very people who experienced the experience with you!

At Cookier Jar we collect memories, not likes or followers. Our collaborative platform focuses on capturing precious moments in a private environment. It's easy : you can choose to keep a moment for yourself or build memory jars with your friends. This way, each person can share their own version of the moment, making the moment even more unique.

Join the new social media movement:

Cookie Jar!

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