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An app built around the power of memories.

What is a meaningful memory?

Ameaningful memory is hard to describe. It is complex. From your favorite song playing in the background, to the beautiful smile reflected in someone’s eyes, to that fresh ocean breeze in summer … there are so many components working together to make a moment unique and unforgettable.

But — can you remember them all? Now, imagine yourself in a situation where all you are longing for is a hug from a real friend. You are having a bad day. Maybe it’s even raining outside. You’re craving that extra dose of positivity, happy vibes, and motivation, but… where can you get it from?

Change your thoughts, change your mood.

Our brain is a miraculous wonder. It not only links emotions to memories, but it even allows us to reminisce on them long after a moment is gone. As a flashback — but with feelings attached to it. Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to think about the ‘good times’? It’s because your brain is wired to get nourished by them. It is proven that, by merely remembering a joyful event of the past, your body gets infused with the same positive emotions that you once felt while you were living it. Therefore,a simple reminder or thought of that happy moment will have a direct effect on you in the present and, thus, will pleasantly influence your mood and even your future actions.


This would mean that, by just remembering the last time someone truly hugged you — like really, really hugged you — and reminiscing on how warm and reassuring that hug felt, you would already feel much better. The only problem is: are you able, in one quick instant, to immediately recall the most significant hug you were given during the last week? What about the last month, or year, for that matter?

Do you think that you can truly recall all of your most treasured past memories, rebuild them in your head with exact detail, and remember every single emotion attached to them?

Probably not. How could you? There is no right place to collect them — yet.

That is why we decided to build CookieJar.

An App that helps you capture the essence of all your favorite moments. Those, you never want to forget. Those, that can always put a smile on your face, even when you’re having a really bad day.

To make this possible, we had to dive deep into the core components that are present in any type of meaningful moment. We discovered some very valuable insights and made it our mission to simplify all our learnings into a cool, simple, and easy-to-use app. Made for you.

This way, creating, reliving, and sharing the moments that truly matterwill never be difficult again. You will only have to open your app and — with a single tap — you’ll be able to shuffle through a list of your most beautiful memories. Remembering all the details. Experiencing all the feelings, again.

Your CookieJar App, coming very soon.

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