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Starting a company with strangers

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

We are Hans, Lis, Jon, and Igor - founders and raving fans of Cookie Jar. Believe it or not, at the time we founded the company, non of us actually knew (or had met!) any of the other founders - except for Hans, CEO of CookieJar. After he handpicked each of us and put together the strongest and most multi-talented team, we basically met virtually for the first time. The meeting went something like this “Hi strangers, it’s really nice to start a company with you. Let’s do this!”.

Jokes aside, it’s been a crazy, exciting and extremely enriching time so far!

Even if some people might classify this risky move as foolish, we believe that it will define our team culture in unimaginable ways. From the get go, we have based our bond on values like trust and confidence, which has made us become a very united family in a matter of only a few months. And our story gets even more interesting.

Because founding Cookie Jar with practically strangers during a pandemic wasn’t amusing enough, we decided to go for the next level: while starting the company we were spread around 3 different continents - and we coordinated the work in a completely remote setting. This challenge quickly became the perfect opportunity for us to learn how to collaborate effectively, communicate adequately, and manage our time efficiently.

After we officially formalised, we soon added two members to the team: our designer Dana from Chicago and our backend developer Shan from New Jersey. A few weeks later, our frontend developer Ernst, who lives in Cape Town, joined the Cookie Crew, too. Recently, we also had the joy to welcome on board 6 new interns from Canada and the States, who are currently helping with the launch of the App. Thus, only 3 months after starting the company, we have tripled in size and can’t wait for what is to come!

All in all - there is a lot happening. The Cookie Jar concept is moving quick and the passion with which we are moving the app forward, will set this brand apart from all the rest of journaling and mindfulness apps. We are aiming to disrupt the market with something that will transform many’s peoples lives: the era of meaningful private media!

We want users to be more real. To remember the details. To have more joy and be happier. To appreciate more, reflect more, smile more. Note down the little things. Be present.

See, why we are really doing this is because we believe this will empower a change for the better. And we hope that you think so, too.

Learn more Website | Check out Instagram | Connect Linkedin | Inspo Pinterest | Storytelling Youtube | Send us an Email | Get the Cookie Jar Beta App now.

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